The Athlete's Mindset founder and lead trainer, Tamara Kennedy is famous for her unique training style.


Over 15 years she's built a successful

personal training business and worked with some of the world's most elite athletes from the Australian Football League (AFL), National Rugby League (NRL) and World Surf League (WSL).

Tamara also wrote her first book I AM in 2017, which is an ultimate guide to thrive in life and all aspects of health, wellness and fitness; helping you to nourish yourself from the inside, be physically active, to find happiness in all aspects of your life and to learn to love and be kind to yourself through positive body image and mindset.

Her mission is that everyone, no matter fitness level or ability, has access to epic, motivating, workouts that push you to your limits, even when at home to become the best version of yourself.

She is going to get you fit and feeling amazing.


Are you ready?